B2B Lead Generation

There is considerable difference in the way lead generation is carried out for B2C business as opposed to B2B. There is a shift in the strategy, there is a difference in the parameters and most importantly, there is a difference in the way the call center services are conducted. Call center companies that take up the cudgels of a B2B project often revamp their entire business model. There is a greater amount of focus on the generation of quality leads. Similarly, the agents are expected to be more restrained, polished and professional in their dealings. There must be a completely different stance on the approach of the agents when they are talking to business heads. In such cases, agents have to rely more on facts, figures and baked data. They cannot expect to hoodwink entrepreneurs with data sourced from non-reliable origins.

The approach of the agents towards the sales lead generation process is only the tip of the iceberg. Agents are expected to be more efficient and effective when they are dealing with executives who will get them the big projects. Hiring a BPO unit is the matter of a lot of money. There are several considerations that need to be taken into account. The decision makers will not just appreciate a professional and thorough approach, they will also note the way a particular call center conducts its business. When the time comes to ink the deal, they will evaluate their options on these interactions as well. Unless you are doing it well here, you might as well buckle up.

B2B lead generation leaves a lot of room for online methods. It’s a no-brainer, that business heads have little or no time on their hands to talk to you on the phone. And you cannot expect your outbound call center agents to make the right guess and pick up the phone at exactly the time a contact is free to talk! The way out is to rely on emails. Send in an email outlining what you want and what you have to offer. If your contact gets back to you, you can take the correspondence forward according to the communication media that the client prefers. If you do not get a response soon, follow up on the email through phone calls. Speak to the contact referring to the email you have sent. That should ring the bell in the client’s mind that you are committed and confident.

There has to be quite some restraint when you are dealing with entrepreneurs and business tycoons. The agents that you employ to get you the leads have to be careful about what they say when they are talking on the phone. They have to be knowledgeable about the domain they are working in. They must have a strong grasp over the topic that they will be talking about. They must have the facts and figures that they will need to rattle off. But they must also take care so as not to overburden their contacts with too much detail.

We have conducted several successful B2B lead generation in the finance and insurance sector. Our call center agents are trained to deliver quality work at all times.